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Article and Tips

Bowling parties are perfect for kids of almost all ages. The atmosphere of a bowling alley makes kids (and adults) silly and giddy. Kids also love wearing   someone else's shoes. It's like playing dress-up too! Besides our great party packs, we have a list of other theme ideas to make your bowling party special. 

   Tips: Make sure your alley has bumpers so the kids do not throw 'gutterballs'. If there an arcade at your bowling alley, buy tokens ahead of time or bring a big stack of quarters for your guests.


Great Party Games

  • Bowl backwards
  • Bowl through the birthday child's legs
  • Do a silly walk as you approach the lane
  • Bowl with your other hand
  • Bowl in slow motion
  • Bowl with your eyes closed
  • Predict whether you will knock over an odd or even number of pins
  • Have others predict how many pins each player will knock down

For younger kids, consider the following -- between the time you release the bowling ball and the time it hits the pins have the turn-waiting kids:

  • count as high as they can, as fast as they can
  • recite the alphabet as many times as possible
  • have the speed-sing as much of a song as they can
  • spell out loud the birthday child's name
  • call out as many ice-cream flavors/kinds of candy as they can think of

Each bowler should then try to top the record. 

Bowling Theme Cake Ideas

  • Bowling Ball & Pin Cake -- serves 20
  • Bowling Lane Cake -- serves 18
  • Bowling Ball Cupcakes -- make as many as you need.   Instructions below:
  • 1. Bake or buy dark chocolate frosted cupcakes
  • 2. Pipe 3 dots of white frosting as the finger holes on a bowling ball. Place them slightly off center.. voila!  A bowling ball cupcake!
  • 3. Make a few more than the number of party attendees

Other Clever Bowling Party Ideas

  • Make Bowling Party Invitations using our Bowling Stationery or make a clever invitation using empty CD envelopes and black card stock inside addressed and decorated with a white gel pen.  Use a headlines such as: "In your SPARE time come to my party"
  • Use black balloons as bowling ball decorations and add 3 white round stickers to represent finger holes
  • Give each child a bowling pen and let them keep their own score
  • And of course you will want to keep a scrapbook of your child's party.  Our scrapbooking set and sticker set will make the book complete
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