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  • Health Benefits of Bowling

  • Bowling Games for Kids - A Fun Activity for All

    Bowling is a very fun game for kids, adults, and adolescents alike. Even though there are different bowling alleys throughout the city, it's a fun game that people can enjoy virtually anywhere. All you need are some bowling pins, some barriers along the sides and a well-lubricated tarp. However, if you want to throw a bowling themed party for your guests, we can make it a reality for you! We offer top-of-the-line bowling games for kids and related supplies at the most affordable prices for our customers.

    Who Are We?

    Bowling Delights is a privately owned company that offers a wide range of party supplies ranging from trophies and awards for bowling leagues, cookies and party goods, and a lot more. We are very passionate about bowling itself, and provide top-quality supplies to our customers throughout the region. It is our mission to offer top-quality products to customers of all ages and distribute unique bowling gifts and novelty products at the lowest possible prices.

    We will make your shopping experience as pleasant and as hassle-free as we can. If you want to purchase any of the products that we offer, just visit our store and browse through our collection. We guarantee that you will find what you need at the lowest prices in our store.

    A Wide Range of Goodies

    Planning a bowling-themed party can be a bit of a hassle, especially because party equipment isn't readily available. At Bowling Delights, we work very hard to make bowling games for kids a lot of fun. We work closely with suppliers to find products that you won't find in the markets and strive very hard to ensure that customers get everything that they need under one roof. We have also worked hard to ensure that customers get the best prices in the market.

    You can browse through our website and search through a wide range of goodies to find exactly what you need. We offer unique gifts of the highest quality for our clients and will make sure that all of the goods are shipped with care to ensure that there's no damage during transit. We also have a dedicated helpline for customer service in case you have any queries or issues that you would like to talk about.
    At Bowling Delights, we value customer satisfaction very highly and always have our ears open for any suggestions that you might have. You can call us or use the online form on your website to provide details of your order and any comments or suggestions that you might have, and we will be sure to follow up on it!

  • Bowling Invitations Are Just One of the Many Unique Items Available for Lovers of Bowling

    If you love bowling, there are now ways to show your love for the sport besides actually going bowling! Today you can show your love of bowling through the purchase of items such as t-shirts, plush toys, jewelry, gift baskets, collectibles such as figurines and statues, and even bowling invitations to invite friends to tournaments and bowling-themed birthday parties. At Bowling Delights, we offer these and hundreds of other products for both individual and company-owned bowling teams as well as companies that wish to purchase these items on a wholesale basis. When you love bowling, you want to share that love with the world, and these items are the perfect way to do just that.

    Bowling Invitations Make the Occasion Special

    Whatever item you wish to purchase, we can provide it. We have a wide selection of bowling products that are perfect for all bowlers including purses, nail art, clocks, pens, photo frames, books and videos, necklaces and other jewelry, and loot bags, to name a few. In fact, one of the items we are most proud of are our bowling invitations. These invitations are specifically designed for lovers of bowling, and can be used to invite people to a variety of occasions, not just bowling parties. We offer designs that include raised art work, checked patterns, pop-up invitations, and even cut-out designs and 3D designs that sparkle and go perfectly with invitations or even on your nails! All of our invitations are made of high-quality paper, and include vibrant colors and unique designs. In addition to invitations, we also make note cards and stationary, to meet the needs of every bowler out there. At Bowling Delights, we offer easy online ordering and we provide low prices, fast turnaround times, and reasonable shipping prices so that you can receive your items quickly and inexpensively.

    Making Every Occasion Special

    When you order a product from Bowling Delights, you can rest assured that it will be a product you’ll be proud to show off to others. Our bowling invitations make the perfect start to any bowling-themed party you are having, and they go perfectly with our corresponding party supplies such as bowling pin cookie cutters, straws, candle holders, cupcake picks, balloons, and much more. Because of our large selection of party products, we offer everything you need to get your bowling party – or any other party, for that matter – off to a great start. Thanks to Bowling Delights, you can now have the perfect bowling-themed party, because we offer everything you need to make it a success.

    If you love bowling or know someone who does and you need any time of product that helps you celebrate that interest, Bowling Delights can make it easy on you by offering hundreds of well-made, attractive, and appropriate products for bowlers of all ages and genders.

  • Bowling Toys for Boys and Girls

    The great thing about bowling is that it’s actually easy to get into. Of course, mastery requires a lot of practice and training, but to just get into it for the fun of it isn’t something that’s too hard to do. After all, what could be simpler than picking up a ball and flinging it to knock over a bunch of plastic pins set up on the other end of a track? That’s why bowling games are particularly popular options on smartphones as a means of quick fun for anyone.

    Of course, nothing quite beats the feel of an actual ball in the hand and the real sound of them thwacking onto a set of real pins. So, for kids and the true enthusiasts who can’t get enough of this sport, there are a whole range of bowling toys available to provide a quick fix. These range from the incredibly cheap and basic, to the more costly and realistic. Picking the right bowling toy is really mostly a matter of taste and budget.

    Simple, Plastic Joys

    The most basic and common bowling toys are often made of plastic with a ball just a pinch smaller than a tennis ball. The pins usually conform to the shape of regular pins. Playing is as simple as rolling the ball to the pins—much like the real thing. There is usually a loss of accuracy on these kinds of sets as the ball is often two half-globes of plastic soldered together. That visible point of soldering makes them tend to randomly change direction mid-roll. That’s worth mentioning as serious bowlers looking for a quaint little mini-game might be thrown off. Otherwise though, it’s good, clean, disposable fun that even your kids can get into.

    Bowling Toys

    The Complex Wonders

    If you’re willing to spend a little on bowling toys, there are a surprising number of them that are more complicated, better built and closer in approximation to the real thing. These toy sets are usually battery-powered to handle scoring, and have balls and pins that are better built to allow some degree of more serious control. The plastics are also often thicker and sturdier to provide for better resistance to wear and tear. They even come with their own bowling alley-like set up with a ball return chute built into the design to get that ball back to you. These might cost more but are really far more engaging—a perfect little setup for your office when you need a fun way to blow off steam—but can’t get to the alleys in time.

    Bowling toys aren’t just for kids. They make great gifts to that special bowler in your life. You can also check out other toys like inflatable pins and balls, bowling money, plush toys and charm bracelets. They’re fun, not too expensive and are sure to delight any bowling aficionado.

  • Bowling Gifts for the Avid Bowler

    Shopping for bowling gifts isn’t particularly difficult because bowlers aren’t particularly difficult to shop for. Perhaps it’s the generally laid back feel of the sport, but there are a whole lot of choices out there when it comes to bowling gifts that picking the right one can be challenging. This will help sort it out. And you’ll have your loved one or friend bowled over in no time!

    Bowling T Shirts

    Bowling-Themed Stuff

    There are a lot of these kinds of bowling gifts. You know what they are—every day stuff like t-shirts, key chains, pins and more that feature bowling as its main theme. These range from the simple yet classy, all the way up to terribly gaudy. The real trick to getting this particular shopping option right is to know who you’re shopping for—specifically, their sense of humor.

    Will they like that dancing, cartoony bowling pin or will they roll their eyes in frustration? Will they prefer a pun-infused t-shirt or would they find that absolutely corny? It’s hard to well with bowlers but if you do know what they like, rest assured that there are a whole lot of bowling gifts out there that you’ll never feel lacking for choice.

    It boils down to the usefulness of the novelty, of course. A good bet would be stick to t-shirts. There’s a certain feeling of pride with one’s own game that makes t-shirts a winning choice. Key chains might not be a bad idea too because people all have keys. Stay away from the temporary tattoos and plastic bowling sets, though. While these might be cute and funny, they’re soon used up and forgotten.

    KeychainsBowling Accessories

    For serious bowlers, you can go for professional bowling accessories. Bowling gloves are a good choice. Most people don’t really realize the help they afford a bowler, but they definitely make great bowling gifts. For one thing, they help improve grip and prevent slippage. Have you ever felt how slippery a bowling ball feels?

    The more basic ones simply improve traction on a ball, which gives better control. The more expensive ones also provide wrist and forearm support to make long games so much more comfortable. It helps here to actually ask your bowler what their needs are and their size. It’s a win-win purchase, though, as any bowler will find these amazingly useful and comfortable.

    Custom Bowling Balls

    The most expensive choice in bowling gifts is a custom-designed bowling ball. Most people don’t realize that there are many things you can customize with a bowling ball. The most obvious is the design which can range from painful on the eyes to near-art pieces. Again, this would depend on the taste of your bowler. The more important factor is the size and weight as bowlers tend to have specific values for this that help their game.

  • A Guide to Bowling Awards

    Bowling is often perceived by others to be more of a leisurely activity than an actual sport. And why not? Even the most professionally skilled of bowlers make it all look easy! If you have a true passion for bowling, however, you know that this is far from the truth. Bowling is a lot harder than people think and like any other sport, it requires an investment of time to master over the years. Nothing spurs a bowler on his or her way than good bowling awards.

    Bowling Awards

    Celebrating Milestones

    Whether you’re on a team, starting out on your own, playing with friends, or playing in a tournament, it helps to commemorate the milestones. The first perfect game, first strike, first spare, first time you managed to hit something without having the ball roll helplessly into the gutter and into your nightmares—it helps to remember these with bowling awards.

    It’s a psychological thing, really. For individuals, bowling awards give a sense of pride and accomplishment, and a sense of progress for those starting out. For teams, it brings out a collective sense of success and empowerment—driving a group sense of pride that is just as powerful and passionate as any other team sport. People really like winning and awards are a symbol of victory.

    Bowling Award Options

    There are several options for bowling awards that can work with or around any budget or taste. The basic option is a certificate. Sure, you can print these out yourself after an hour on Microsoft Paint or Word. But admit it, your jobs tend to look like the 1990s that any kid can do. A certificate is a simple bowling award, but it can be done with a touch of elegance.

    From the trim around the award to the “gold” seal upfront, it comes down to the little details whether a bowler will frame it or chuck it. And, believe it or not, that extra bit of effort can spur a passion for bowling more than any word can. Many a bowler have looked to their bowling awards as the push that they need to keep going in the sport. Consider engravable plaques or a bowling figurine for team awards. For novelty, you can look into bowling gift baskets or bowling pin pens.

    A trophy is a more costly option as these are carefully crafted from the ground up and can vary in size. It’s recommended that this particularly detailed version of bowling award be reserved for team competition as the cost and bulk is too much to commemorate a single, simple achievement. It’s important to pick out a design that will appeal to your players, though a bowler-in-action up top will always be a popular choice.

    The key here is that these bowling awards are really for those serious or those encouraging others to be serious as they are designed to inspire and spur on. In that sense, they can be a truly worthwhile investment.

  • Top Three Bowling Accessories for the Serious Bowler

    For most people, bowling is an afternoon out with friends or family—a novelty one at that. It’s an enjoyable game as players are just picking up a ball to knock over pins. What could be simpler? Anyone can do it, right? For serious bowlers, however, this kind of mindset can elicit shudders. After all, like any sport, bowling requires skill and a lot of practice to get it right, and that separates the strikers from those who tend to gutter funnily far too often.

    As with any sport, there are a lot of bowling accessories that one can invest in to really get into this game. It can get overwhelming to pick out which ones you need. This little guide was written to help you pick the bowling accessories that you need.

    1. Bag — a good bowling bag is essential because these are designed specifically for the efficient and effective storage of your bowling ball. The inner lining is usually softer and non-abrasive to keep your ball polished and smooth in transit. People argue that any bag will do. While that’s true, it should be noted that bags that are not designed for this sport will have the tendency to scuff that expensive bowling ball in the long run, affecting accuracy. Plus, better bowling bags have slots for your bowling shoes, a handy addition.

    Label Pins

    2. Glove — the importance of a glove cannot be understated as it offers better grip and traction so you have less to worry about when you line up your shot. The better gloves leave openings for the two middle fingers to give a bowler a feel for his bowling ball. The best ones provide some wrist support to avoid strain or even carpal tunnel syndrome.


    3.Full support — Even if you’re not into gloves, many long hours of play will take its toll eventually. That’s why a lot of companies sell bowling accessories with an eye toward serious support for the wrist and extending to the forearms. These prevent muscle and nerve strain that can build up over the years and lead to very painful complications. These aren’t the cheapest of accessories but certainly are some of the more important ones to purchase.

    The three bowling accessories mentioned might not seem like cheap investments, but they were mentioned here because they actually help you save more in the long run by taking care of two most important things: you and your bowling ball. You can add other things like slings and tape later on, but these are the important three to get at the beginning—without compromise. And while you’re at it, it really helps to pick out those from reputable brands.

  • Things to Consider when Buying Tournament Bowling Trophies

    Just like it is the case with any sporting event, bowling tournaments provide a forum for players to come and showcase their skills. It is also an opportune moment for bowlers to intermingle and have fun. At the end of every tournament, there are always winners and losers. However, in the spirit of competition, everyone is always a winner. Bowling trophies act as a way of congratulating top performers and encouraging everyone to put their best effort into the game. Apart from eventual winners, organizers also set aside trophies for best team or individual effort, most valuable player and the most promising one.

    To recognize achievements in different categories at a tournament, organizers require a range of bowling trophies, medals, plaques and certificates. Trophies from Bowling Delights are available in different heights and designs. Some of the most popular include:

    • Single, double or triple column

    • Oval riser

    • Participation

    • One or two eagle base

    You could also opt for a rectangular circular or oval base trophy. The size of trophies varies depending on the style you choose. The same case applies to cost. With a trophy budget, all it takes is for you to find a reputable and reliable trophy supplier. After sharing your requirements, the supplier will be able to offer you the options available.

    In the course of shopping for a bowling trophies supplier, you should not put your biases aside. Examine aspects such as trophy prices, shipping and varieties available. Inquire from the seller whether they do engraving. It looks dull to offer competitors trophies with nothing written on them. A trophy with words such as “best improved bowler” looks good on a display cabinet than one without. Since you do not know who the winners will be, there might not be a chance to engrave winners’ names. However, if you plan on rewarding winners at a later date after the tournament, you can still have their names engraved.

    Glass bowling trophies are some of the most attractive. You can have a glass trophy designed in the shape of a bowling pin or ball. The glass can be crystal clear, colored or frosted. The choice depends on the event organizers preferences. Your trophy budget also comes into play. Nonetheless, this should not cloud your decision to seek for attractive glass trophies. Ensure that the glass is artistically engraved with the participant’s name and the award title. Mark you; this is something that a bowler will proudly display at home or in the office.

    By rewarding bowlers for their efforts and achievement, your tournament will have pomp and color. Bowlers will be looking forward to future events. Always ensure that you have trophies for all age categories. There should be trophies for men, women, youth and children. As a person entrusted with task of procuring bowling tournament trophies, consider the diversity in the market. Online purchase of trophies from stores such as Bowling Delights is quite convenient. You do not have to move from shop to shop wasting a lot of time in the process.

  • Four Factors to Consider while Preparing Bowling Invitations

    Bowling events provide opportunities for people to relax after a tough week at work. Friends and families will also find bowling alleys to be ideal places for bonding and meeting new friends. Fortunately, you do not need professional skills in order to enjoy bowling. For this reason, you should not look down upon bowling invitations from friends or colleagues at work. The events are usually held at bowling alleys. These are specially made facilities where the sport is carried out. Inside a bowling alley, you will find bowling lanes, seating areas and cafes where you can indulge in cup of coffee or tea and a snack.


    On the other hand, you could be organizing a bowling tournament featuring teams from all departments in your company. Another possibility could be that where you are the one in charge of bowling matches at the alley you usually frequent. This automatically means that all bowling invitations fall in your docket. For that matter, you need to think of creative ways to send invitations to prospective participants. Possible ways include sending emails and invitation cards. A better way would be to print brochures or posters and distribute them to other bowling alleys.

    At this juncture, the main concern would be what you need to include in your bowling invitations. You must state the date and time the contest will be held. The invitation medium must also show where matches will be held. In case participants need to register, remember to mention this too. If at you hope to attract interest, your invitation cards must be as appealing as possible. Instead of struggling with the task of designing cards and other invitation stationery, consider buying them from online stores that deal with bowling accessories. You can either choose from what is available or place an order for customized cards from Bowling Delights.

    On the other hand, it could be that you are not a member of any bowling alley but would like to hire a venue for an upcoming contest. In that case, consider the following four factors:

    1. Location: The alley should be in a convenient location where participants will find it easy to attend. Consider a location in the middle of town. This would be neutral by not favoring one group of bowlers over the others.

    2. Facilities: People like bowling in alleys where there are modern facilities such as electronic scoreboards. Take this factor into consideration when shopping for a suitable bowling venue.

    3. Workers: Bowling venues where employees are friendly make people feel welcome and accommodated. Bowling instructors are also supposed to show a friendly attitude towards all bowlers whether skilled or not.

    4. Cleanliness: Other than participating in matches, bowlers like alleys where they can relax in comfortable settings. Choose a bowling alley that is well maintained will also make participants feel safe.

    To search for a bowling alley, visit the ones available in your city. You could also search for them online. Ensure that the venue you settle on has all the amenities bowlers would find useful.

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  • Gift Options for a Bowling Birthday Party

    Everyone looks forward to their forthcoming birthday. The prospect of having a birthday cake, friends and gifts makes it all the more worthwhile. When considering which birthday gifts to buy for a loved one, there are a number of things you will think about. The person’s age, likes, hobbies and your relationship with them are some of the factors that will determine the nature of gifts you will buy. For a bowling enthusiast, a bowling birthday party theme would not be a bad idea after all. Imagine the look of joy on your friend’s face when they receive a bowling pin keychain or a leather wallet with a bowling pattern.

    These are not the only items that would spice up a bowler’s birthday. You could also find a bowling pin pen, salt shaker or lapel pin. Such a choice of gifts will not only put a smile on a friend or family member’s face, they will remember you for years to come. This leads to the second consideration for bowling birthday party gifts, cost. The price of bowling gift items varies depending on the category and design. Luckily, there is a wide spread of items that are quite affordable from Bowling Delights. One of the best approaches is to visit an online retail site that specifically deals with bowling gift items. Browse through the items while paying a keen interest on what you have purposed to pick.

    If you are organizing a bowling birthday party for a member of your bowling club, you can add flavor by asking anyone who is attending to come dressed in any bowling attire of their choice. It could be a bowling cap, t-shirt, belt or tie. Besides, request your friends to bring a gift that depicts a bowling theme. Another gift concept that will delight the recipient is where you buy a bowling gift basket. For people who love travelling, a basket that contains a hair brush, mirror, ink pens and key chain would be perfect. Each of these items either has a bowling pin shape or, in the case of pens, the pen top is in the shape of a bowling pin.

    A female bowling fan would appreciate themed gifts such as gold necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Any bowler would find these irresistible. For a young bowler or fan, you can make your gift unique by considering birthday party cookies and lollipops. Children will particularly love these. There are varieties of them ranging from pin and ball lollipops, bowling pin and ball cookies or even those shaped like a bowling shoe. As you can see, there is so much you can do to celebrate a bowler’s birthday. The beauty with bowling gifts is such that they will appeal to everyone, bowlers and non-bowlers alike.

    Therefore, whenever you have a birthday to attend, think of what your friend or relative loves. Consider a gift that others have not thought about. Give a bowling gift that reflects your unique taste. Finally, think about your budget. The truth is that you will always find a bowling gift item from Bowling Delights that reflects your love for the sport.

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