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An Excellent Event Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

News reports about the current economy have been very promising and many are anticipating a boost, but that boost is not something that everyone will experience at once and, for many, may not be something that is felt in a significant way for years to come. Despite small budgets, people want to have parties, host events, and companies want to show their appreciation for their hard working employees. Finding ways to accomplish these goals in a cost-effective manner is still a key factor when planning any kind of event.

The next time you are put in charge of planning a large event, whether it’s a company picnic or corporate event, a private birthday party or a charity function, consider contacting your local bowling alley for a fun and inexpensive bowling themed event.

When thinking about a bowling themed event, consider the inherent benefits. Bowling itself is fun for everyone and is something that can be done for a relatively lengthy period of time without eating heavily into the budget… especially if you let anyone attending know that, while your event is covering the cost of lanes, shoe rentals are done individually. This also gives those who are already fans of the sport the opportunity to bring their own gear should they chose to do so.

Bowling alleys make the bulk of their money in two areas, shoe rentals and concessions. By brokering a deal for renting lanes and perhaps a party room and drinks, you can save a significant amount of money and be able to entertain your guests for an extended period of time. It’s even easier to make the experience a personal one for everyone attending. By using bowling themed party favors and decorations (like those offered with Bowling Delights), you can give a fun and unique theme to any event.

Bowling Delights offers a number of collectibles and party favors that can be given as prizes or party favors. Their wide selection of items runs from great office supplies with a strong bowling theme to statuette works of art like this beautiful nuts and bolts bowling statue all of which can help commemorate any event and make it a smashing success.


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