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Top Three Bowling Accessories for the Serious Bowler

For most people, bowling is an afternoon out with friends or family—a novelty one at that. It’s an enjoyable game as players are just picking up a ball to knock over pins. What could be simpler? Anyone can do it, right? For serious bowlers, however, this kind of mindset can elicit shudders. After all, like any sport, bowling requires skill and a lot of practice to get it right, and that separates the strikers from those who tend to gutter funnily far too often.

As with any sport, there are a lot of bowling accessories that one can invest in to really get into this game. It can get overwhelming to pick out which ones you need. This little guide was written to help you pick the bowling accessories that you need.

1. Bag — a good bowling bag is essential because these are designed specifically for the efficient and effective storage of your bowling ball. The inner lining is usually softer and non-abrasive to keep your ball polished and smooth in transit. People argue that any bag will do. While that’s true, it should be noted that bags that are not designed for this sport will have the tendency to scuff that expensive bowling ball in the long run, affecting accuracy. Plus, better bowling bags have slots for your bowling shoes, a handy addition.

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2. Glove — the importance of a glove cannot be understated as it offers better grip and traction so you have less to worry about when you line up your shot. The better gloves leave openings for the two middle fingers to give a bowler a feel for his bowling ball. The best ones provide some wrist support to avoid strain or even carpal tunnel syndrome.


3.Full support — Even if you’re not into gloves, many long hours of play will take its toll eventually. That’s why a lot of companies sell bowling accessories with an eye toward serious support for the wrist and extending to the forearms. These prevent muscle and nerve strain that can build up over the years and lead to very painful complications. These aren’t the cheapest of accessories but certainly are some of the more important ones to purchase.

The three bowling accessories mentioned might not seem like cheap investments, but they were mentioned here because they actually help you save more in the long run by taking care of two most important things: you and your bowling ball. You can add other things like slings and tape later on, but these are the important three to get at the beginning—without compromise. And while you’re at it, it really helps to pick out those from reputable brands.

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