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  • Vintage Nostalgia Makes for a Great Party Theme

    If you are into crafty party themes, vintage bowling parties are the way to go! The definition of vintage is, “representing the high quality of a past time.”  Bowling parties are perfect for this because they can have a throw-back feel and theme, but still take place on location, playing a game that was even more popular then than it is now.

    When considering using vintage nostalgia as a theme for your next party think about a past time period that makes you smile or makes you feel like celebrating.  For some, it means going back to their childhood (80s party anyone?), and for others it means going back to a period from before they were born.  Either way, a nostalgic theme should evoke a sense of joy in you and your guests. If you’re at a loss for ideas, taking a look at party planning sites or doing a search for vintage party boards on Pinterest can give you lots of visuals to start from!

    One of the keys to throwing a successful vintage party is to focus on the iconic elements.  If you are throwing a 50’s themed party, invite your guests to don their favorite Mad Men style suits and dresses, encourage children to come as ducktails and bobbysoxers.  Play music from that era and maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous, try some of the wacky JELL-O molds that were all the rage in home cooking at the time.


    How adventurous are you feeling?

    If you’re looking for something fun, but your home isn’t quite big enough to accommodate everyone, or if you’d just rather leave most of the cleanup to someone else, a vintage bowling theme is perfect for your party.  Bowling has been around since the early Egyptians (an Egyptian child’s tomb was found to contain bowling balls and pins) so a bowling party frees you up for any time period that strikes your fancy.  Bowling alleys all over the country are happy to book parties of all kinds, birthdays, retirements, reunions, etc.  Even if you just want an excuse to throw a themed bowling party, your local bowling alley is up to the task.  They will often include in their party packages, some decorations and perhaps beverages, but most of the time, food and party favors are not included.  This is where your creativity comes in!

    Make your next event a solid strike with an original and fun “vintage” bowling party theme. Bowling Delights can help with everything from unique party games for all ages to kitschy party favors and decorations. And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page, http://www.pinterest.com/bowlingdelights, while you are planning your awesome party!

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