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Bowling Toys for Boys and Girls

The great thing about bowling is that it’s actually easy to get into. Of course, mastery requires a lot of practice and training, but to just get into it for the fun of it isn’t something that’s too hard to do. After all, what could be simpler than picking up a ball and flinging it to knock over a bunch of plastic pins set up on the other end of a track? That’s why bowling games are particularly popular options on smartphones as a means of quick fun for anyone.

Of course, nothing quite beats the feel of an actual ball in the hand and the real sound of them thwacking onto a set of real pins. So, for kids and the true enthusiasts who can’t get enough of this sport, there are a whole range of bowling toys available to provide a quick fix. These range from the incredibly cheap and basic, to the more costly and realistic. Picking the right bowling toy is really mostly a matter of taste and budget.

Simple, Plastic Joys

The most basic and common bowling toys are often made of plastic with a ball just a pinch smaller than a tennis ball. The pins usually conform to the shape of regular pins. Playing is as simple as rolling the ball to the pins—much like the real thing. There is usually a loss of accuracy on these kinds of sets as the ball is often two half-globes of plastic soldered together. That visible point of soldering makes them tend to randomly change direction mid-roll. That’s worth mentioning as serious bowlers looking for a quaint little mini-game might be thrown off. Otherwise though, it’s good, clean, disposable fun that even your kids can get into.

Bowling Toys

The Complex Wonders

If you’re willing to spend a little on bowling toys, there are a surprising number of them that are more complicated, better built and closer in approximation to the real thing. These toy sets are usually battery-powered to handle scoring, and have balls and pins that are better built to allow some degree of more serious control. The plastics are also often thicker and sturdier to provide for better resistance to wear and tear. They even come with their own bowling alley-like set up with a ball return chute built into the design to get that ball back to you. These might cost more but are really far more engaging—a perfect little setup for your office when you need a fun way to blow off steam—but can’t get to the alleys in time.

Bowling toys aren’t just for kids. They make great gifts to that special bowler in your life. You can also check out other toys like inflatable pins and balls, bowling money, plush toys and charm bracelets. They’re fun, not too expensive and are sure to delight any bowling aficionado.

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