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Bowling Party Games That Go Beyond Just Bowling

Bowling is a great game for players of all skill levels and all ages.  But when you’re planning a bowling party — whether it’s at a bowling alley or bowling themed at your home — it’s a good idea to have some fun additions for your guests to play, especially if your party is going to include young children. Here are some great bowling game ideas for your next bowling party; lanes not always necessary.

Challenge Bowling

Challenge bowling is great if you are having a bowling party for children.  It allows everyone to play and doesn’t favor anyone’s skill, which allows all of the children to feel accomplished.  Challenge bowling introduces various challenges that the players must use as they play.

  • Bowling between someone else’s legs
  • Bowling backward
  • Bowling as your favorite cartoon character
  • Bowling while hopping
  • Bowling after spinning around three times

The options for Challenge bowling are endless.  A great way to get the party goers involved is to ask everyone to write an idea or a suggestion on a strip of paper and before each bowler takes the lane, ask them to draw one from the hat or bowl.

Bowl n’ Dash

Players, especially children, can get a bit restless while they wait for their turn, particularly if there are larger teams on each lane.  In order to keep those who are waiting their turn occupied or as an additional game, you can set up contests that take place from the time the bowler releases the ball to the time the ball hits the pins.  This helps to make every aspect of the process engaging.

  • Name as many state capitols as they can without repeating (This technique can be used with any number of lists.  You can request that the players create the list options ahead of time.)
  • Spell their full name backwards
  • Recite their favorite poem or sing a song


If you’re having a bowling themed party at home, don’t worry. There are still great bowling games you can play without an alley.

Super Soaker Knock Down

This game is great for the summer.  Set up “pins” outside.  The pins can be plastic soda bottles, toy bowling pins or any type of light plastic toys to act as pins (depending on the number of guests, you can have each person decorate a pin that can also act as a party favor later on).  Set them up the same way traditional pins are set up and use a Super Soaker or any other high powered water gun and use that to knock down as many pins as you can in one squirt.

Whatever your plans for your bowling themed party, either here or at the bowling alley, Bowling Delights is the perfect place to pick up any and all bowling themed party supplies. For great prices and creative items, check out our website for all of your bowling themed needs.


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