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Bowling is a Great Fundraiser

Many organizations and clubs, mostly non-profit, are constantly seeking funds to be able to do the activities that they would like with their members. Girl Scouts sells cookies, school organizations sell wrapping paper or giant tubs of popcorn in order to fund the next camping trip or field trip. If you are looking for the next great fundraising idea for your organization, but want to do something that hasn’t been done repeatedly, consider having a bowling fundraising event.

In Virginia, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program holds an annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake event. In this event, the organization rents out (or requests the donation of) the bowling alley for a day and invites teams of bowlers to participate. There is an entry fee for each bowler and the prizes are donations from local stores or franchises (televisions from the local Wal-Mart, overnight stays in local hotels, etc.). The event thrown by the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization is an annual event that has been growing every year. This last event (in February) saw them hosting 186 bowling teams.

While your fundraising event may not necessarily reach this magnitude, planning such an event for your club or organization, is an excellent way to raise money and get the word out. Start by contacting your local bowling alley and detailing for them the reason for your event as well as the parameters that you’re looking for (are you planning to rent out the entire bowling alley or just a few of the lanes? Will this be a full day event or only a couple of hours?). By explaining your situation and your needs, the managers or owners may be able to offer you a discounted rate or even donate the use of their lanes (with shoe rentals being the responsibility of each participant). Most establishments will be happy to work with you as they will be getting business not just by the positive word of mouth, but also in the form of concessions, shoe rentals and arcade game play.

By charging a nominal fee per participant you can raise a significant amount of money for your organization. You can survey your local area and find local businesses that are willing to donate prizes to your event so that as much of the proceeds as possible will be able to go directly to your organization. This is also where companies like Bowling Delights can come in.

We offer a wide array of bowling gift ideas that would make great participation gifts for those who enter the tournament. From bowling pin erasers to bowling themed office supplies, Bowling Delights will have the perfect finishing touches for any bowling event.


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