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Bowling Gifts for the Avid Bowler

Shopping for bowling gifts isn’t particularly difficult because bowlers aren’t particularly difficult to shop for. Perhaps it’s the generally laid back feel of the sport, but there are a whole lot of choices out there when it comes to bowling gifts that picking the right one can be challenging. This will help sort it out. And you’ll have your loved one or friend bowled over in no time!

Bowling T Shirts

Bowling-Themed Stuff

There are a lot of these kinds of bowling gifts. You know what they are—every day stuff like t-shirts, key chains, pins and more that feature bowling as its main theme. These range from the simple yet classy, all the way up to terribly gaudy. The real trick to getting this particular shopping option right is to know who you’re shopping for—specifically, their sense of humor.

Will they like that dancing, cartoony bowling pin or will they roll their eyes in frustration? Will they prefer a pun-infused t-shirt or would they find that absolutely corny? It’s hard to well with bowlers but if you do know what they like, rest assured that there are a whole lot of bowling gifts out there that you’ll never feel lacking for choice.

It boils down to the usefulness of the novelty, of course. A good bet would be stick to t-shirts. There’s a certain feeling of pride with one’s own game that makes t-shirts a winning choice. Key chains might not be a bad idea too because people all have keys. Stay away from the temporary tattoos and plastic bowling sets, though. While these might be cute and funny, they’re soon used up and forgotten.

KeychainsBowling Accessories

For serious bowlers, you can go for professional bowling accessories. Bowling gloves are a good choice. Most people don’t really realize the help they afford a bowler, but they definitely make great bowling gifts. For one thing, they help improve grip and prevent slippage. Have you ever felt how slippery a bowling ball feels?

The more basic ones simply improve traction on a ball, which gives better control. The more expensive ones also provide wrist and forearm support to make long games so much more comfortable. It helps here to actually ask your bowler what their needs are and their size. It’s a win-win purchase, though, as any bowler will find these amazingly useful and comfortable.

Custom Bowling Balls

The most expensive choice in bowling gifts is a custom-designed bowling ball. Most people don’t realize that there are many things you can customize with a bowling ball. The most obvious is the design which can range from painful on the eyes to near-art pieces. Again, this would depend on the taste of your bowler. The more important factor is the size and weight as bowlers tend to have specific values for this that help their game.

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