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A Guide to Bowling Awards

Bowling is often perceived by others to be more of a leisurely activity than an actual sport. And why not? Even the most professionally skilled of bowlers make it all look easy! If you have a true passion for bowling, however, you know that this is far from the truth. Bowling is a lot harder than people think and like any other sport, it requires an investment of time to master over the years. Nothing spurs a bowler on his or her way than good bowling awards.

Bowling Awards

Celebrating Milestones

Whether you’re on a team, starting out on your own, playing with friends, or playing in a tournament, it helps to commemorate the milestones. The first perfect game, first strike, first spare, first time you managed to hit something without having the ball roll helplessly into the gutter and into your nightmares—it helps to remember these with bowling awards.

It’s a psychological thing, really. For individuals, bowling awards give a sense of pride and accomplishment, and a sense of progress for those starting out. For teams, it brings out a collective sense of success and empowerment—driving a group sense of pride that is just as powerful and passionate as any other team sport. People really like winning and awards are a symbol of victory.

Bowling Award Options

There are several options for bowling awards that can work with or around any budget or taste. The basic option is a certificate. Sure, you can print these out yourself after an hour on Microsoft Paint or Word. But admit it, your jobs tend to look like the 1990s that any kid can do. A certificate is a simple bowling award, but it can be done with a touch of elegance.

From the trim around the award to the “gold” seal upfront, it comes down to the little details whether a bowler will frame it or chuck it. And, believe it or not, that extra bit of effort can spur a passion for bowling more than any word can. Many a bowler have looked to their bowling awards as the push that they need to keep going in the sport. Consider engravable plaques or a bowling figurine for team awards. For novelty, you can look into bowling gift baskets or bowling pin pens.

A trophy is a more costly option as these are carefully crafted from the ground up and can vary in size. It’s recommended that this particularly detailed version of bowling award be reserved for team competition as the cost and bulk is too much to commemorate a single, simple achievement. It’s important to pick out a design that will appeal to your players, though a bowler-in-action up top will always be a popular choice.

The key here is that these bowling awards are really for those serious or those encouraging others to be serious as they are designed to inspire and spur on. In that sense, they can be a truly worthwhile investment.

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