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  • Bowling Toys – Essential Playmakers for Growing Children

    Bowling Toys

    Naturally, young kids are a playful lot. This is an essential requirement for children that are growing up. Play helps children discover new things, develop interpersonal skills and also stay healthy. Grown-ups often enjoy sitting in yards and parks as they watch children at play. Parents utilize play sessions to bond with their children. Children have an amazing ability to make up their own games complete with rules. The use of toys enhances and makes play activities wholesome. As a parent, you have a critical role to play in selecting your child’s toys.

    Bowling toys simulate the real game and are ideal for children. They allow your little ones to enjoy the bowling experience without risking injury. The toys are designed with kids in mind meaning that both the pins and balls are small in comparison with real ones. Kids will derive a lot of fun making attempts to and actually hitting bowling pins. The ball is light enough for their little hands. Parents will also find the miniature bowling game interesting and might end up joining their children. This not only gives children confidence, it also ensures that you keep a close eye on them a factor that helps avoid injury.

    4586A typical bowling toy set from Bowling Delights consists of a mini ball and bowling pins. All you have to do is remove the items from the bowling bag. Set the pins in a formation similar to the one used at bowling alleys and the game is ready. Show your child how to do it for the first time. From then on, they can do it on their own. Since bowling toys are made with children in mind, they come in a range of color mixes that children will love. If shopping for the toy at a store near home, you can take your children along. Let them fancy over the toy sets available before choosing one they love. The online purchase experience is no different. Online toy retail sites use images to showcase their toys. Finding the toys on offer is easy. You only need to locate the toy category menu and place the cursor on it. A drop down menu will give you sub-categories that you can click on. This option varies depending on how the site you are visiting is designed but at least you have gotten the point. You can browse through several sites with your children, if they are old enough to recognize such images. It is best that you do not restrict your search to only one site. Remember to also compare the prices before making the final purchase.

    Bowling toys from Bowling Delights also come with another advantage; they are highly portable. This makes it easy to carry the toy set with you while in transit. Once you get to your destination, setting up the toy is easy. Kids will be glad that you brought their favorite bowling toys along to the granny’s or beach holiday resort. Whether children areplaying at home or other suitable place, bowling toy sets can be used indoors or outdoors.

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  • Bowling Games for Kids – A Fun Way to Keep the Little Ones Busy

    Bowling Pin Set

    Kids have got very sharp and inquisitive minds. Every time you visit a bowling alley with your kids on tow, you can be sure that they watch your steps carefully. Some clubs do allow children to play and wi

    ll even give concessions so long as the parent is a member. Such alleys will from time to time organize tournaments with bowling games for kids coupled with other fun activities for the whole family. Such activities would be ideal for the summer when weather conditions warrant for outdoor recreation.

    Nonetheless, there is a totally different and unique way to play bowling. Your kids can learn and have fun with online bowling games for kids. To access such games, you only need to have a computer that is connected to the internet. The concept behind online bowling is very simple. Game creators simulate a bowling alley. All a player needs to do is to aim the mouse towards the bowling pins on the screen. The mouse should be aligned with the markings on the virtual bowling floor. To release the ball, all it takes is a push of the mouse in the direction where the pins are arranged.

    Your kids might need to practice for a few moments before they get the hang of it. As the game progresses, your child’s ratings keep improving. Kids can also see how other kids playing the same game have fared. Besides, visual images make online bowling games for kids engaging. If your child loves cartoon characters such as Tom and Jerry, Superman or SpongeBob SquarePants, look for such a game and download it from Bowling Delights. Kids enjoy an activity where their favorite heroes are involved. There are many other variations that are downloadable free of cost. You could also play these games with your children as a way of bonding with them or booting their m

    Bowling game fro kids


    Sites with kids bowling games require you to register. Thereafter, you get access to a host of games. The best way to have your child gain an interest is t

    o preview these games together with them. You will be amazed at how sharp their creative instincts are. Locate games with attractive graphics and several versions. Sound effects are also crucial. This is something kids will love as it will urge them on. At the same time, find bowling games with several proficiency levels. Once you have registered at sites that you feel have a good coverage of kids bowling games, leave the rest to your child.

    Always keep a close watch to find out how your child is faring. Encourage him along the way. Illustrated books and kids magazines will also help enhance your child’s interest in the game. With such a wide variety to choose from, you have no reason to keep children bored while indoors. They can play single or multi-player versions and compete for bragging rights. Besides, such online games from Bowling Delights sharpen your children’s thinking abilities. As you pursue your bowling interests, do not forget to put your little ones into the picture.

  • Bowling Apparel for Team Players and Supporters

    As a pastime activity, bowling can be very refreshing. Millions of people take part in the sport worldwide. Before you are allowed into the bowling lanes, you should be dressed up in the right bowling apparel. Bowling balls should be of the right weight and holes appropriately sized. There are balls for left-handed and right-handed bowlers. Bowling balls are divided into three categories:

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced

    To cater for the needs of children, bowling alleys also invest in balls that have been specifically designed for children. With the exception of bowling clubs that require players to be registered members, bowling alleys rent balls to enthusiasts at a fee.

    Professional teams prefer to have their players donning bowling apparel that bears the team logo. You will also find them inserting team names creatively on their attire. In bowling, the culture has been to wear Retro shirts. The word Retro stands for retrospect. Bowlers believe that a shirt that helps them recall past memories of the game bring better luck. Regardless of how this came into being, Retro shirts have since become associated with the sport. A bowling shirt made in Retro style is short sleeved and has a breast pocket.

    When designing or procuring bowling attire, the choice of material is also important. Cotton, rayon and polyester are some of the preferred materials. Cotton absorbs sweat hence the reason it is widely used. It augurs well with bowlers playing under hot weather conditions. Nevertheless, teams are at liberty to choose or customize their own designs. In that case, polo shirts and other t-shirts bearing creatively crafted images will do. With such apparel from Bowling Delights, bowlers feel and look professional a factor that gives them a psychological boost to perform better.

    Branded socks also make bowling teams look professional. For them to stand out, bowling socks should be worn with short pants. This makes all team members look uniform and sporty. Bowling attire helps achieve the following:

    • It differentiates one team from the rest

    • It gives the team a professional look

    • It makes bowlers look cool

    • Helps bowlers blend with their surrounding

    There instances where a team comes with cheering squads. Consider attire for the cheer leaders too. You can dress the ladies in shirts bearing team colors and complete this with matching bowling ties. For other team supporters, encourage them to purchase team jerseys from the team’s apparel store.

    Above everything else, you should be comfortable in your attire. When shopping for bowling attire, look for a store that offers you good prices such as Bowling Delights. You can take advantage of product discounts by ordering in bulk. Where you find that you do not have sufficient time to visit different stores, try shopping online. On the other hand, plan to make your purchase during the beginning of the bowling season. Stores are willing to offer discounts since this is the time manufacturers’ start bringing in stocks. Bowling is a big sport and hence the more reason why you should enjoy it in style.

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  • Bestow Your Kids with Right Bowling Accessories

    Bowling has become one of the popular leisure time activities among individuals today. It has gained popularity because it bestows one with numerous health and physiological advantages. For some it is just a form of relaxation while others consider it as a good way to form bond with their friends and family. You don't need to be a professional player to relish in this sort of sports activity. The only thing necessary for enjoying this sport is appropriate bowling accessories.

    Accessories are needed to change the aspects of a particular game completely. It serves many other purposes like it makes that game a more fun, and makes it easier to carry game's equipment. There are lots of bowling games for all ages even kids can enjoy this game. Bowling games for kids needs little cautions and availability of right accessories like bowling ball bags and bowling gloves. An efficient bag will help a bowler to carry balls easily and safely. And the bowling gloves are like blessing to a bowler as it allows a bowler to make improvements in the game by providing support and stability to the fingers.

    Apart from above two accessories, there are cleaners and polishes as well. It would be better to clean up the ball as sometimes the overtime lane conditions can result into a worn out ball. If the lanes are too much oily, they can result into tenancy in the ball. It will stop hooking and start slipping more. On the contrary if the lanes are too dry, the ball will get sticky and can have the vice-versa problem. Even the designers are now bringing kids bowling shirts that allows them have to real bowler feel.

    Whether its about a professional or a complete beginner, bowling accessories can transform the game delights making it simply more enjoyable and real fun activity. They also help you from the injuries that can be incurred while bowling. Either purchase accessories for their stylishness or their ability to improve the bowler's game.

    It is always a good idea for a bowler to pick up some additional accessories to the lane which can be of great help while playing game.

  • Bowling Party Games That Go Beyond Just Bowling

    Bowling is a great game for players of all skill levels and all ages.  But when you’re planning a bowling party — whether it’s at a bowling alley or bowling themed at your home — it’s a good idea to have some fun additions for your guests to play, especially if your party is going to include young children. Here are some great bowling game ideas for your next bowling party; lanes not always necessary.

    Challenge Bowling

    Challenge bowling is great if you are having a bowling party for children.  It allows everyone to play and doesn’t favor anyone’s skill, which allows all of the children to feel accomplished.  Challenge bowling introduces various challenges that the players must use as they play.

    • Bowling between someone else’s legs
    • Bowling backward
    • Bowling as your favorite cartoon character
    • Bowling while hopping
    • Bowling after spinning around three times

    The options for Challenge bowling are endless.  A great way to get the party goers involved is to ask everyone to write an idea or a suggestion on a strip of paper and before each bowler takes the lane, ask them to draw one from the hat or bowl.

    Bowl n’ Dash

    Players, especially children, can get a bit restless while they wait for their turn, particularly if there are larger teams on each lane.  In order to keep those who are waiting their turn occupied or as an additional game, you can set up contests that take place from the time the bowler releases the ball to the time the ball hits the pins.  This helps to make every aspect of the process engaging.

    • Name as many state capitols as they can without repeating (This technique can be used with any number of lists.  You can request that the players create the list options ahead of time.)
    • Spell their full name backwards
    • Recite their favorite poem or sing a song


    If you’re having a bowling themed party at home, don’t worry. There are still great bowling games you can play without an alley.

    Super Soaker Knock Down

    This game is great for the summer.  Set up “pins” outside.  The pins can be plastic soda bottles, toy bowling pins or any type of light plastic toys to act as pins (depending on the number of guests, you can have each person decorate a pin that can also act as a party favor later on).  Set them up the same way traditional pins are set up and use a Super Soaker or any other high powered water gun and use that to knock down as many pins as you can in one squirt.

    Whatever your plans for your bowling themed party, either here or at the bowling alley, Bowling Delights is the perfect place to pick up any and all bowling themed party supplies. For great prices and creative items, check out our website for all of your bowling themed needs.

  • Bowling: It’s Fun and Good for Your Health

    Bowling is a great way to spend time with friends and family and take part in friendly competition.  Bowling is a sport that anyone can take part in at any age and is something that can accommodate any number of physical limitations.  This makes bowling a wonderful activity that is a great way to bring the family together.

    Bowling has a number of benefits both educational, social and physical that makes bowling an ideal outing:

    • There are millions of dollars in scholarship funds that are given out annually to young bowlers to help them reach their academic goals.
    • Bowling can burn approximately 240 calories per hour.  Regardless of physical ability (there are bowling balls in a wide variety of weights), everyone can get in a little exercise by bowling.
    • The act of picking up the bowling ball and swinging it at the right angle to allow it to roll down the lane toward the 9 pins strengthens and tones the arm, shoulder, chest, and leg muscles.
    • As with any exercise, bowling helps to improve heart and respiratory functions.
    • If you’re one of those people who has trouble keeping their feet on the best of days, give bowling a try as the sport has been shown to help improve balance and movement (swinging around a heavy ball with one hand can certainly help you figure out your center of gravity!)
    • Bowling is great for those who are feeling a little stiff.  The swinging motion inherent in bowling engages your joints and tendons and helps to stretch those active muscles and promote flexibility.
    • If you’re interested in losing a few pounds, try bowling a few times a week.  The act of bowling, as with most exercises is great for speeding up your metabolism.
    • Bowling is a life-time sport.  It is one of the rare sports that players of all ages can take part in. Whether your 8 or 80, bowling is fun activity and a great sport.

    Whether bowling is your idea of a good time or a way to build up your physical activity, bowling is great for everyone.  Bowling Delights knows and appreciates the love of all things bowling and has made it our mission to provide our customers with the best in bowling items and accessories.  Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for the bowling lover in your life or you’re looking for party favors and decorations for your next event, Bowling Delights has you covered with the best and most affordable items on the market.

    From bowling themed plates, cups and napkins to lovely ceramic figurines and bowling themed office supplies, Bowling Delights is the perfect place to meet any and all of your bowling item needs.

  • Throwing a Successful Bowling Party for Your Child

    Though it’s not high-tech, throwing your child a party a bowling alley is always a hit.  Kids love bowling. The act of rolling a large ball to hit a bunch of pins is a simple and fun way for kids to burn energy, take part in friendly competition, and have a great time with family and friends.  The best thing about it is that anyone can bowl. If you can roll a ball, you can bowl. This makes a bowling party ideal when you have guests of all ages.

    Most bowling alleys have birthday packages that they sell.  Usually these packages include lanes, shoe rentals, and sometimes food and decorations.  With most bowling alleys you can work out a combination of those things you would like the bowling alley to provide and combine it with those things you would like to provide yourself (for example, if you are providing the food and cake, you can negotiate with the bowling alley and allow them to provide the utensils, plates, cups and napkins).  You can also have the bumpers used on your reserved lanes.  Bumpers on a bowling lane keep the ball from going into the gutter.  This does not guarantee that you will knock a pin down, but it certainly ups your chances.  Bumper bowling is great for younger children as it gives them a feeling of success.  It can even be a good idea for some of your less adept adults as well.

    Once you have your venue, you will need to create your guest list and send out invitations. There are a number of ways you can do this and make it creative and unique to start off the experience of the birthday party. If you have the time you, can make them yourself  by creating bowling themed invitations or you can get any invitation supplies you need from Bowling Delights.  We have all number of bowling themed items that can help create the ultimate bowling party.

    Once you have invited your guests, you should consider favors or prizes for those attending.  This creates an individualized experience that will ensure that everyone has a wonderful and memorable time. We, here at Bowling Delights also have great decorations and party favors that will make any bowling party a fun and unique experience for your guest of honor and your guests.  A bowling party is a fun and easy way to celebrate the birthday for any age and Bowling Delights can help you find all of the supplies you need.

  • An Excellent Event Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

    News reports about the current economy have been very promising and many are anticipating a boost, but that boost is not something that everyone will experience at once and, for many, may not be something that is felt in a significant way for years to come. Despite small budgets, people want to have parties, host events, and companies want to show their appreciation for their hard working employees. Finding ways to accomplish these goals in a cost-effective manner is still a key factor when planning any kind of event.

    The next time you are put in charge of planning a large event, whether it’s a company picnic or corporate event, a private birthday party or a charity function, consider contacting your local bowling alley for a fun and inexpensive bowling themed event.

    When thinking about a bowling themed event, consider the inherent benefits. Bowling itself is fun for everyone and is something that can be done for a relatively lengthy period of time without eating heavily into the budget… especially if you let anyone attending know that, while your event is covering the cost of lanes, shoe rentals are done individually. This also gives those who are already fans of the sport the opportunity to bring their own gear should they chose to do so.

    Bowling alleys make the bulk of their money in two areas, shoe rentals and concessions. By brokering a deal for renting lanes and perhaps a party room and drinks, you can save a significant amount of money and be able to entertain your guests for an extended period of time. It’s even easier to make the experience a personal one for everyone attending. By using bowling themed party favors and decorations (like those offered with Bowling Delights), you can give a fun and unique theme to any event.

    Bowling Delights offers a number of collectibles and party favors that can be given as prizes or party favors. Their wide selection of items runs from great office supplies with a strong bowling theme to statuette works of art like this beautiful nuts and bolts bowling statue all of which can help commemorate any event and make it a smashing success.

  • Bowling is a Great Fundraiser

    Many organizations and clubs, mostly non-profit, are constantly seeking funds to be able to do the activities that they would like with their members. Girl Scouts sells cookies, school organizations sell wrapping paper or giant tubs of popcorn in order to fund the next camping trip or field trip. If you are looking for the next great fundraising idea for your organization, but want to do something that hasn’t been done repeatedly, consider having a bowling fundraising event.

    In Virginia, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program holds an annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake event. In this event, the organization rents out (or requests the donation of) the bowling alley for a day and invites teams of bowlers to participate. There is an entry fee for each bowler and the prizes are donations from local stores or franchises (televisions from the local Wal-Mart, overnight stays in local hotels, etc.). The event thrown by the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization is an annual event that has been growing every year. This last event (in February) saw them hosting 186 bowling teams.

    While your fundraising event may not necessarily reach this magnitude, planning such an event for your club or organization, is an excellent way to raise money and get the word out. Start by contacting your local bowling alley and detailing for them the reason for your event as well as the parameters that you’re looking for (are you planning to rent out the entire bowling alley or just a few of the lanes? Will this be a full day event or only a couple of hours?). By explaining your situation and your needs, the managers or owners may be able to offer you a discounted rate or even donate the use of their lanes (with shoe rentals being the responsibility of each participant). Most establishments will be happy to work with you as they will be getting business not just by the positive word of mouth, but also in the form of concessions, shoe rentals and arcade game play.

    By charging a nominal fee per participant you can raise a significant amount of money for your organization. You can survey your local area and find local businesses that are willing to donate prizes to your event so that as much of the proceeds as possible will be able to go directly to your organization. This is also where companies like Bowling Delights can come in.

    We offer a wide array of bowling gift ideas that would make great participation gifts for those who enter the tournament. From bowling pin erasers to bowling themed office supplies, Bowling Delights will have the perfect finishing touches for any bowling event.

  • Vintage Nostalgia Makes for a Great Party Theme

    If you are into crafty party themes, vintage bowling parties are the way to go! The definition of vintage is, “representing the high quality of a past time.”  Bowling parties are perfect for this because they can have a throw-back feel and theme, but still take place on location, playing a game that was even more popular then than it is now.

    When considering using vintage nostalgia as a theme for your next party think about a past time period that makes you smile or makes you feel like celebrating.  For some, it means going back to their childhood (80s party anyone?), and for others it means going back to a period from before they were born.  Either way, a nostalgic theme should evoke a sense of joy in you and your guests. If you’re at a loss for ideas, taking a look at party planning sites or doing a search for vintage party boards on Pinterest can give you lots of visuals to start from!

    One of the keys to throwing a successful vintage party is to focus on the iconic elements.  If you are throwing a 50’s themed party, invite your guests to don their favorite Mad Men style suits and dresses, encourage children to come as ducktails and bobbysoxers.  Play music from that era and maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous, try some of the wacky JELL-O molds that were all the rage in home cooking at the time.


    How adventurous are you feeling?

    If you’re looking for something fun, but your home isn’t quite big enough to accommodate everyone, or if you’d just rather leave most of the cleanup to someone else, a vintage bowling theme is perfect for your party.  Bowling has been around since the early Egyptians (an Egyptian child’s tomb was found to contain bowling balls and pins) so a bowling party frees you up for any time period that strikes your fancy.  Bowling alleys all over the country are happy to book parties of all kinds, birthdays, retirements, reunions, etc.  Even if you just want an excuse to throw a themed bowling party, your local bowling alley is up to the task.  They will often include in their party packages, some decorations and perhaps beverages, but most of the time, food and party favors are not included.  This is where your creativity comes in!

    Make your next event a solid strike with an original and fun “vintage” bowling party theme. Bowling Delights can help with everything from unique party games for all ages to kitschy party favors and decorations. And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page, http://www.pinterest.com/bowlingdelights, while you are planning your awesome party!

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