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Bowling Alley Art Painting - Border Lanes

Bowling Alley Art Painting - Border Lanes

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Bowling Alley Art Painting - Border Lanes


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Beautifully created Bowling Alley Art painting and print of humorous and challenging bowling lane in an imaginative setting of US-Mexico border.
The print depicts the bowling lane and includes a humorous tongue and cheek caption on how one might have to bowl under the extreme conditions.
Caption below the painting says:

A great annual highly contested bowling championship event between the USA and Mexico. It seems however that it is but a background for the super games that go with it. The illegal immigration and dope smuggling titles who can get the most drugs and people across the border in the allotted time. Speedy Gonzales's group is the favorite he is a national hero for sneaking under the highly sophisticated timed net following a bowling ball on the way to the pins. It’s hard however to pick a winner for the drug cartels even though there's an agreed upon amnesty, they still seem to have a competition among the gangs on who can kill off the most rival competitors instead of tending to business.

18" x 24" printed Giclee on luxurious art paper.
Shipped as a roll in a tube. Frame not included.
This will make a great addition to your Alleys decor, or make great gifts for your bowling friends and family, or make great league prizes. Get yours today!.


Loyal H. “Bud” Chapman who is famous for his creation of the 18 Infamous Golf Hole paintings, has now used his imaginative mind to do the same with the popular sport of bowling, with the creation of The Infamous Bowling Alleys!. Lanes have been put into unusual places and then added humorous tongue and cheek descriptions on how to play them.

He is sure that these Bowling paintings will help promote the game for all to enjoy, and may even change how and where we play in future.

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